Japan’s mythical powder paradise

It was early January 2017 when Anthony cracked the idea of a Japan trip the following year in Japan. The group being all young skiers in their 20’s the chance was small for commitment. However Anthony had the good idea to book everyone tickets that same day a year in advance leaving no choice to anyone for a cancellation.

For those who are trying to run ski trip they know there is always a good reason not to come at the end, sick grandma, broke, work, laziness, lack of anticipation… with the tickets and myself booked they could not risks a last minute cancellation.

I have visited Japan over 15 times the last 20 years and always have focused my attention in Hokkaido. The main island of Onshu has over 1000 ski resorts and most of the attention goes to the one called Hakuba so we figured out it was worth exploring the other ones.

We will obviously not mention too much about the journey itself as we found empty ski resort and deep powder all the way.

Pictures are worth a 1000 words so please have a look and make yourself an opinion from there!

Special thanks to my team, Anthony, Rory, Raf, William and Harry for having shown great attitude, constant happiness and motivation despite cold rooms, not sticky skins, bad ass blisters, overdose of Gyosas Udon and various type of Noodles, boiling Onsen and grumpy Grand father guide.


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