The ones behind… Elite Ski Travel ?‍♂

Aurélia, Brice & Florent. 2008.

Elite Ski Travel is the fruit of a chance encounter of three highly qualified professionals, passionate about mountains and travels off the beaten track. It was in 2008, that Aurélia, Brice and Florent, each with a wealth of experience from their adventures around the World, decided to join forces to create their own company, dedicated to mountains and travel.



“Brice was definitely the initiator of our collaboration. Visionary and ambitious, he has encouraged us to create our company ‘Global Riding’. After ten years of working together, we could see how well we bounce off each other.

As a former competitive athlete and member of the French aerial ski team and an ex pro skier, he always push himself in order to set goals and achieve them. His taste for adventure hasn’t gone away ever since he became a daddy of two, four years ago. Wide-open spaces always attracted him, just like mountains and ocean. He’s traveling all the times all over the world seeking new powder destinations (he’s just about to get his Canadian ski guide certificate, by the way!).

The qualities described above are the ones he will demonstrate with his clients. His blunt personality will surprise you just as his sense of excellence and perfection!” say Aurélia & Florent.



“Aurélia and Florent are definitely the ideal partners but before being the ideal partners, they’re first and foremost my friends. Our story is a human adventure and that’s what makes Elite Ski Travel so unique. We work with a very selective clientele and we always put the human aspect at the heart of our relationship to ensure a highly personalized service.

Florent is a very honest person and most of all, he rejoices the happiness of others. He will always make it his priority to ensure that you experience only the best. Affirmative kind of daddy, very involved, Florent is the one who attempts to place people at the centre of the business (which is becoming less and less frequent nowadays, and that’s important to maintain!).

Aurélia is successful at reinventing herself and she’s constantly challenging us. She didn’t just want to offer ski trips, she also wanted to offer wellbeing services such as yoga, massage, osteopathy, spa and beauty treatments ; and thanks to her, we’ve developed new services to meet the needs of those who aren’t big fans of powder days. Aurélia has worked hard over the past few years as ski instructor, yoga instructor and osteopath. She provides added value in what we do.

Working with a couple can be challenging but I look at it more as an opportunity. We complement one another whether in the character or personality.” says Brice.


Happiness is only real when it is shared, and so Aurélia, Brice and Florent chose the heart of the French Alps as the base from which to develop their company with the aim of welcoming visitors to the snow from all over the World and accompanying them in their own mountain adventures.

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