Elite ski travel is the premium ski travel agent, offering a unique and personal service to exclusive mountains visitors.

We design the perfect ski holidays tailoring our offers to best suit your needs and expectations.

We would like to make your ski holidays an unforgettable experience, by sharing our mountain local knowledge and our love of travelling.

Local knowledge

While many companies act as agent sitting behind their offices we are terrain people. All fully qualified ski guides we have experienced the destinations we offers as organizers and guide. Instead of offering you a large panel of destination within one country we are concentrating on one operation where we have developed a long term relationship . This gives us leverage, priorities and special treatment that makes a real difference.

With you on site

We have specialized ourselves in taking our premium clients along, which means for any premium trip one of our team members will join, guide, act as a concierge and make sure that locally you are under good hands.

Your expectations

We are not specialized in one single product. You want a private yacht in Patagonia with 2 helicopters on board and nothing else than Dom Perignon 1988 we’ll make it happen, but if you are looking at a sail boat ski touring trip in Lofoten we’ll also make it happen. Our experiences have teached us to learn and understand about our clients expectations and act accordingly.

Taylor made experts

We are the taylor made expert. You want nothing but something that has never been done before. We have a long lists of things we have done with our clients which was completely unheard of including Heliskiing in the Karakorun range in Pakistan, a camp to camp summer trip in British Columbia, a ski touring trip in a hunting camp in Spitzbergen … We have tons of ideas and the will to make them happen.

Best connections

We have a very privileged relationship in the 3 Valleys with the operators we are working with allowing us a lot of flexibility various different concierge services

Own private ski school

We are running our own ski school. If you are tired to book an instructor or a ski guide and to end up with someone at the opposite of what you were expecting, this is not gonna happen with us. Our team of fully qualified ski instructors, all bilingual, ex sport champions will be carefully choose to meet your expectations

Own private concierges

A team of dedicated concierge. At Elite we have a team of dedicated concierge that will assist you when visiting us in France. Anything under request will be provided by our team of ultra connected concierge in a short period of time.

Security first

Safety amongst all. We will always ensure that while traveling you have access to the best safety equipment, including latest ABS technology and a safety and medical protocole well established.

Certified professionals

Elite Ski Travel is a registered Travel Agent. We have an agreement from French authority “Registre des opérateurs de voyage” and from International IATA as a DITS member. This ensure we are insured on a national and international level.