« And beside skiing, after the season of snow what do you do? »

 Here is the most common question asked by our clients!

Well as traveler’s addicts, we keep exploring our beautiful planet with our families, travelling around the world.

We love to travel not just to say we’ve been there it was great, but to spend quality time so that it becomes a full experience.

We love what’s real, natural, authentic, different.

All those explorations as brought us so much joy that we thought we could now share some of them with you.

Here are some special world escapes that we highly recommend, out off the tracks to build unforgettable memories.

We can get you there, just let us know !

Disconnect with your world environment.

No phone , no internet connection.

Camp in the wild near the Okavango river, immerse yourself in the real African wild life and discover the bushmen culture in the Kalahari desert.

Private camp, chauffeur and chef.

Exclusive Lodge.

What about a yoga safari ?

Silent walk in the wild, night and day safaris, yoga ,meditation, health treatments. 

A destination to explore yourself and find your soul…

It’s healing time !

Exclusive lodges ocean & earth side.

Discover our world destinations