Mountain Therapy

We’ve been navigating through a very special time over the past two years.

At some point, we all have felt scared and taken a moment to evaluate our own lives, happy or unhappy.

But i guess we all agree it was time to change something, life will probably never be the same after such an experience.

In our daily busy life when do we really take time to stop?

And breathe? Or simply do to nothing….

Most of the time we are caught by a crazy rhythm and we can’t really stop the flow…

During this time, we were unable to plan things, we could go anywhere and were forced to remain just where we were. For active traveler’s and sport enthusiasts, it was not easy, right?

In the year and a half that the French ski resorts were closed, it was one of the weirdest and most unreal experiences you could imagine.

It was so quiet and peaceful, the mountains were still here in all their beauty, the snow was amazing, lots of fresh powder.

There was so much snow that i could start skiing from home straight to the forest behind our little hamlet.

No ski lift to take you up the mountains anymore, and nobody in town, no customers  to teach…

As I realized that I had found my true purpose for being here, I rediscovered my love for skiing, and the privilege I had to live in such a beautiful location, enjoying it to the fullest, blessed to have easy access to the outdoors and be able to enjoy it to the fullest.

As a yoga teacher and a ski instructor i meditate every day and during that Covid time i discovered while i was silently walking up with my ski touring skis that i was meditating in motion, silence becoming my best teacher.

Just listening to my breath, feeling my belly inhaling at each breath, exhaling fully, just feeling the cool breathe on my face, eyes open wide contemplating the beauty around me, i was at peace.

When do we take time to look at the simple thing…the reflection of the sun on the snow, shining like millions of diamonds, the majestic eagle flying above me in a bright blue sky without a cloud was the highlights of my days, suddenly i was so calm, no negatives thoughts, no fear for the future, just being there fully in the present moment, at peace within myself, at peace with my environment was enough to be happy.

When you take the time to walk up the mountain, i cannot tell you how much you appreciate each turn of the downhill ride, you own it, you have create your own experience.

So when the season started again this year 2022, i was in a way happy to see the ski resorts opening again, with the skiing lovers back in town with their families.

But i was missing my little adventures in the wild, the real connection i felt with the nature around me, the peace and happiness of that time being

Then i realised that i could share this with others and guide my clients through a new way of skiing, away from the crowded slopes, and discover a simple way to be happy and at peace in the mountain.

It’s all about giving you a simple experience of inner peace while skiing and enjoying the mountain differently. This is what mountain therapy is all about.

Aurelia Chretien

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