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Kamchatka – Land of Fire and Ice

Kamchatka – The Land Of Fire and Ice   It’s a mysterious name for an enigmatic land that has long existed on the peripheries of travel and skiing tales and has always been just a little elusive, and a tad unknown. Kamchatka has recently become quite a hit with travellers, and those people who love […]

Elite Ski Travel’s Adventure List 2

Elite Ski Travel’s Adventure List Part 2 of 2 in our adventure series. Part 1 can be found here  Lofoten The Lofoten Islands are part of Norway, and sit in the Arctic Circle. They are remote and detached, and one of the greatest locations on earth to view the Aurora Borealis. There is incredible […]

Elite Ski Travel’s Adventure List

Elite Ski Travel’s Adventure List Part 1 of 2. So many destinations, so little time. Once the skiing bug has bitten, it becomes an absolute necessity to do everything and go everywhere, no matter what the cost or your family and work responsibilities. Skiing and snowboarding adventures can quickly become an addiction. It suddenly becomes […]

Cross country skiers, Lapland is for you! ❄

If you are looking for miles and miles of cross-country skiing, Lapland is for you! Cross-country skiing is somewhat of a national sport in Finland. It is suitable for everybody and extremely good for the body and mind, with beautiful winter scenery serving as an inspiring backdrop. Laponie – April 2-9 ? Brice did a cross country […]

Safety training in British Columbia

Canada – April 10-24 Brice went to Blue River in British Columbia to do some guide training for the CSGA (Canadian Ski Guide Association and Institute). Two weeks of crevasse rescue, orientation, avalanche scenario, snow profiles… in order to achieve his best personal performance, skills and career goals! Because the safety of our guests is our […]

Excursion in Iceland

Only a few hours’ flight from France and we found ourselves in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, the “land of volcanoes”. Just got time to catch a 50-minute internal flight and we reach Akureyri, Iceland’s most snowy area located in the north of the island. From there, our private chauffeur takes us on the road along the fjords, we were in awe […]

The ones behind… Elite Ski Travel

Aurélia, Brice & Florent. 2008. Elite Ski Travel is the fruit of a chance encounter of three highly qualified professionals, passionate about mountains and travels off the beaten track. It was in 2008, that Aurélia, Brice and Florent, each with a wealth of experience from their adventures around the World, decided to join forces to create their […]