Top 4 spring getaway destinations ✈

We got all you need! The perfect spring getaway when winter is over in Europe! Elite Ski Travel takes you off-pist to ski amazing destinations that have been tested, enjoyed and approved.

KAMCHATKA. The other end of the world. An island of volcanoes located north of Japan that offer great landscape, amazing skiing and a touch of wilderness…

LOFOTEN. Ski touring paradise, the Lofoten offers a unique Island environment. Based in a sail boat or in a fancy fishing hutt discover the beauty of this unique archipelago ski touring straight out of the road. Located in a national park there will be no ski resort, heli or snowmobile to bother but just silence, stunning landscape and great powder.

ICELAND. Beautiful landscape, amazing country to visit, without any compromise on skiing quality. A must do once in your life!

SWEDEN. Just a short hop away, perfect for a long week end… Enjoy perfect, long days of heliskiing with no jet lag, in the far north of Europe.

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