When Worlds Collide

When Worlds Collide
In our world we are focused on snow, and on ski trips. We go to many wonderful places with many incredible clients, and we find good snow and some of the best skiing in the world.
Along the journey however, we are often near the sea. Some of our destinations that we take clients to are coastal destinations, and we often end up in the vicinity of the shoreline.


Sometimes, out the corner of our eye, or even right in front of us, we encounter waves. Good waves. The sort of waves that surfers from all over the world would enjoy. Except that it is usually too cold, and we are there to ski.
Destinations where we have witnessed waves have been Iceland, Lofoten, Norway, within the Arctic Circle, and the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia. Unbelievably, all three of these locations have small surfing communities that choose to hit the waves whenever they can, despite the freezing conditions.

Flo has seen many waves, and has managed to quickly snap off a few photos, mainly from his phone. It is amazing to witness understand the different board riding cultures that co-exist in such extreme environments.

Sometimes you can barely see the surfers in the distance, who jump off snow-covered rocks to enter the ocean. Fully wrapped up in thick wetsuits, some of them with internal heating elements, they seem so small next to the towering mountains and huge fields of snow.

It’s not for us though. We are here to ski and to take you on your best ski adventure ever. When the water gets cold – down to 4 degrees Celsius – then we prefer to be riding on powder; riding our giant white waves in the backcountry, instead of in the ice-cold water.

Picture credits : Surfing @Baloo, Snow @bricelequertier.com

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