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Kamchatka – Land of Fire and Ice

Kamchatka – The Land Of Fire and Ice   It’s a mysterious name for an enigmatic land that has long existed on the peripheries of travel and skiing tales and has always been just a little elusive, and a tad unknown. Kamchatka has recently become quite a hit with travellers, and those people who love […]

Skiing – A Workout For The Whole Body

Skiing – A Workout For The Whole Body All photos © @bricelequartier You might not think that having so much fun on the slopes is actually a total body work-out, and that going skiing is incredibly beneficial for your health and well-being. We at Elite Ski Travel decided to do some homework to find out […]

Elite Ski Travel’s Adventure List 2

Elite Ski Travel’s Adventure List Part 2 of 2 in our adventure series. Part 1 can be found here  Lofoten The Lofoten Islands are part of Norway, and sit in the Arctic Circle. They are remote and detached, and one of the greatest locations on earth to view the Aurora Borealis. There is incredible […]

Elite Ski Travel’s Adventure List

Elite Ski Travel’s Adventure List Part 1 of 2. So many destinations, so little time. Once the skiing bug has bitten, it becomes an absolute necessity to do everything and go everywhere, no matter what the cost or your family and work responsibilities. Skiing and snowboarding adventures can quickly become an addiction. It suddenly becomes […]

Elite Ski Travel Newsletter November 2019

Last Chance Bookings For Bighorn This Season Only three weeks available on this season’s calendar. Revelstoke, British Columbia – A mountain retreat like no other, Bighorn is both a heliski lodge and a 5 star ski chalet, taking the best elements from each concept to create a new definition of luxury. Bighorn offers a truly bespoke […]